Kinder Garden


The youngest students in our school will be taking the leadership role in the garden this year.
This project educates and motivates to plant in order to mitigate climate change. By planting native species, the insects and animals (and plants) that thrive in this area have a better chance of survival in the future, and by planting grasses, a flower bed and bushes as well, we can attract pollinators and birds to the gardens. After seeing how neglected the school gardens were throughout the pandemic and lockdowns – gardens which previously had contained flowers, fruits, and veggies – we decided, why wouldn’t we plant helpful plants?


The youngest students in our school have cleaned up, weeded, mulched, and planned the garden in the Fall, since it had gone into disrepair during the pandemic. In the spring, they finalized the plans, prepared the gardens, and planted. They will maintain a series of garden beds (raised and galvanized tubs) that educate our school on the best plants for the native soil and climate, and the types of vegetables, grasses, bushes that will grow in season for them to be able to harvest and eat them (in the early summer and Fall). They will (via social media run by their teachers, and our school weekly Newscast, GSPS News, by their older peers) inform and educate the rest of the school with what they have learned.

Reflection & Celebration

Our students in Kindergarten have made signs for their garden to show their care, love, and concern for their plants. “No touching please” and “Tree in healing” and “Our Veggie Garden” give confidence that their garden will grow healthy and strong. We are never too young to work on climate action! Harvesting the vegetables together, watching pollinators at work, and learning how plants can help by making shade, and habitat for insects and animals will be the reflection and celebration for all the hard and rewarding gardening work!

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3. Good Health and Well-Being
4. Quality Education
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
13. Climate Action
15. Life on Land
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