One day in early spring, our class went on a community walk to note the signs of spring. During our walk, students noticed many signs of spring (e.g., bulbs on trees, new grass etc.) and rain barrels alongside homes. One students asked what a rain barrel was and another student responded and said “a rain barrel reuses water and helps the environment”. That same student was looking at the gardens that were about to sprout and said “wouldn’t it be a great idea if we made our own garden?”. We took this idea and ran with it!


We bought seeds and planted them, watered and watched them grow. We recently transplanted our sprouts into our garden. Students hope that they will grow better with direct sunlight!

We consistently teach about sustainability and the impact it has on society and the environment.

Reflection & Celebration

Wow! What a fantastic experience. Students got to understand and see first hand the life cycle of a plant. They are so excited for real vegetables to start to grow!! Let’s hope the frost is kept away and our veggies start growing. Students are very invested in watering the soil and checking in on their plants daily.


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13. Climate Action
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