Kindergarten Garden Project


Our vision for Canada is… to foster healthy and mindful attitudes toward nature and the outside world. It is our hope to show our youngest students how to cultivate and grow a sustainable garden, respect the planning and planting process, and to reap the benefits of growing your own produce.


With the help from our school administration, parents, families, teachers and students, we were able to purchase two large raised garden beds for our enclosed school yard. We wanted to offer students the experience and joy of planting seeds, watching them grow, and enjoying a harvest! Students were engaged in all aspects of this project. They planted seeds in their classrooms and transplanted them when the weather was right. They filled each garden bed with gravel for drainage and soil. They also actively take part in caring for the garden by watering when needed. Students have a sense of pride and responsibility to their garden.

Reflection & Celebration

We hope that our garden will continue to be a place of learning and growth. Each year we plan to repeat the process of planting and harvesting with our students.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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