Lamont Aquaponics Project


Our vision for Canada is…
is benefiting from building a primarily student run aquaponics vegetable growing system at our school, Lamont High. Several studies show that nutrition and diet directly affect mental capacity, mental health, engagement, and behaviour in youth. Introducing an aquaponics system at our school allows greater direct access to nutritious food. It will also provide students with the education and further knowledge to grow their own food, in order to sustain their future, and their community.


Last year Lamont High got a grant to build the aquaponics system, we partnered with “Sea to Sky Aquaponics”.

Aquaponics allows students a new perspective for ways to navigate some of the world’s toughest problems including hunger, climate change, poverty, poor health and nutrition, and environmental sustainability.

The students had to take daily responsibility for testing the system, feeding the fish and harvesting the produce.

Reflection & Celebration

We ran this system this past year for the first time. We were able to grow and harvest an abundance of greens (kale, swiss chard, lettuce, herbs), to use in our culinary classes.

It was challenging to keep up with the growth of produce as well as feeding the fish and maintaining the system over breaks and holidays. The janitor took on this role.

The LINKS students took responsibility in the second semester, and we plan to have them over seeing the responsibility for it in the future.


Read about our project on our board website!

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