Le compostage


Our vision for Canada is… creating the infrastructure for our school to compost food waste. It is important to us because there is so much food waste at our school.


With the funding provided, we will be buying exterior compost bins and individual composting containers for each classroom. This project was initiated by youth and they have taken the lead on planning.

Reflection & Celebration

We have not yet been able to complete our project because our school cafeteria is under construction. This means our school yard is full of industrial equipment and we do not have the space to store our exterior bins. We have learned that projects take time and that we must be flexible. We plan on ensuring the sustainability of this project by educating and continually encouraging our school to compost. We also plan on using our compost to fertilize our outdoor garden, which will beautify our school and create a sense of pride among the school population.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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