Learning Gardens


Our vision for Canada is… to make people aware of how they can use the outdoors as a tool for learning.
We will design and plant Learning Gardens in a designated location on campus. These gardens will include a sensory garden, native wildflower garden, medicinal garden, butterfly/insect garden, bird garden.
The gardens will provide learning opportunities for classes from JK-12.


Research and sourcing of plants and equipment.
Organizing community support.
Labour of planting and maintenance.
These gardens will be maintained by the student body and feature a self watering mechanism designed by a student. A student will be appointed as caretaker.
Logs will be kept to ensure proper maintenance and for reporting purposes.

Many Benefits of Sensory Gardens


Reflection & Celebration

Due to the weather, we have not yet been able to plant our garden – but hope to by Mid-May. Our plan is to have it ready for the fall of 2018-19 school year, however it might not be fully useful until the following school year – once the plants become established in the ground.
We have purchased a rainbarrel and we are waiting for our facilities department to help us to install it. As well, we will use some of our funds to purchase perennials to be planted in the space.

3. Good Health and Well-Being
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