Our vision for Canada is… to create an area at the front of the school to become our green space to welcome visitors, students ans staff. Our vision is to create a beautiful legacy garden to honour our graduating class each year with flowers representing their year.


Our first step was to decide what we wanted to create and how we were going to achieve this. We decided that a “legacy Garden” honouring the grade 8 class and a “Learning Garden” for the Kindergarten classes was something that was attainable and something we can continue through the years. This project engaged our students by having them be hands on in this project and vision and engaging students to take care of our environment surrounding our community. Student leadership was evident through the actions of students wanting to be part of the project. Students were excited and engaged.

Reflection & Celebration

Some challenges we faced was the soil and sod at the front of the school. We are still in the process of finishing our project.

13. Climate Action
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