Let’s Compost


Our vision for Canada is young people being involved in their future and adopting sustainable choices now in order to contribute to a more sustainable Canada. Canada’s youth can teach and encourage their families and communities to do the same. By teaching elementary students about composting and recycling, they are readily able to adopt this important sustainable choice in their everyday lives.


The St. James Collegiate Sustainability group (EcoJimmies) met with the Linwood Sustainability group (TeamGreen) to discuss the composting initiative at Linwood School. Linwood School is a local elementary school that many of our students attended when they were younger. Team Green put together a presentation and EcoJimmies purchased compost pails and bins and created a compost/recycle/garbage relay. We also purchased books about composting to donate to their school library. The EcoJimmies spent the day at Linwood School with TeamGreen on April 26. Team Green presented to each classroom and we ran the relay with the classes after the presentation. Every student at Linwood School received the presentation and participated in the relay. All parts of this project were initiated and carried through by the students. It was a great way to connect our 2 community schools.


11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
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