Limiting Waste and Helping the Environment


My class already does paper recycling for the whole school. We wanted to grow flowers to help pollinators in our area. Within Science, we have red wiggler worms as our classroom pets and plant unit. We wanted to use our compost, red wigglers, and plant unit to good use indoors and outdoors. We’ve incorporated an outdoor classroom with mats already, so this would be a great addition to get us outside even more to explore. Also, to eat fresh lettuce and spinach in our indoor garden. Students learnt about plants and our ecosystems from local experts of LICA on this project. They have come into our classroom to present projects to help the environment to my class and are willing to send us information on how to sustain and build our pollinator garden. Being a small town, my students love being outdoors to learn and help their community.


Students seeded all the planters themselves and lowered our food waste by composting waste to our red wigglers. Students learnt that the food waste turned into fertilizer for our plants and, in turn, fed us with fresh produce. Our flower planters went outdoors to help pollinators do their work so that our fruit tree in our area could provide us with more fresh produce. We are working together to ensure a more sustainable future for our students and pollinators. Students watered the plants when needed and will be bringing the plants home at the end of the year.

Reflection & Celebration

Students are proud of their teamwork throughout the building, planting, and maintaining the plants over the weeks. The planter outdoors has created stronger plants than the indoor planters. Even with the grow lights, the plants indoors grew slower and the ones outdoors created flowers to help the pollinators. Students enjoyed playing in the dirt outside and had fun taking turns watering during recess. They also learnt how to grow healthy food for themselves and their community.


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