Little Free Library in the Learning Garden


Students learn about the importance of reusing everyday household items, including books to reduce our carbon footprint. Students also focused on the importance of reading for pleasure, and access to a public library in our community. A Little Free Library unit was completed with the grade 2/3 class, including a promotional campaign for the library and a donation drive for gently used children’s books.


A Little Free Library unit was installed in the learning garden and outdoor classroom area of our school. The grade 2/3 class was chosen to act as its steward. They created a promotional campaign within our school and community, telling people about the new library and inviting them to access it. Students learned about reducing carbon footprints be reusing household items like books. A donation drive was also completed so that we have lots of books to stock the unit with.


11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
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