Local Aquatic Sustainability


At Holy Spirit High School, we continue to increase student levels of caring and knowledge of our local habitat will ensure the preservation of our community. Our students have, and will continue to monitor our local duck pond and Manuels River. Our focus is on the abiotic factors and how they affect the biotic factors in these environments. The students will in turn hopefully grow to become citizens who continue to study and preserve our environment. We have additional actual, reliable and valid ecological data to monitor any change in our local aquatic ecosystems.


Students conducted examinations of the local pond and river water quality. They determined pH, conductivity, flow rate, temperature, and dissolved oxygen and we complete these measures for both habitats on a continual bases to ensure a sustainable preservation of these key area. We collected water quality data and sample invertebrates from each habitat to examine the local biodiversity and ensure the sustainability of our habitats.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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