Maidstone Tower Garden


Our vision for Canada is… educating students where their food comes from. Students are disconnected from the agricultural process and assume all food comes from the grocery store. Our vision is to bridge that gap and show students how our food is grown, how they themselves can grow food with home gardens, recognize the issue of food waste, and understand the agricultural processes that provide food for Canada


We have purchased a tower garden for our home economics room, in hopes to not only be partially self sufficient when it comes to food for our home economics lab, but also to educate students on the growing process of fruits and vegetables.

Reflection & Celebration

Our project is in progress and is ongoing. We have only just began and thus have not experienced many challenges, but have seen some successes in the growing of different plants. We have discovered that different plants need different environments, and so we will have to rotate different plants at different times. For example, to grow lettuce the grow light must be turned on, but for tomatoes the grow light must be off. Therefore, we cannot grow lettuce and tomatoes at the same time.

12. Responsible Consumption and Production
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