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Our Canada has less plastic bottle waste.


Grade 12 students educated the grade nines to understand why they should be reusing water bottles–using stainless steel or glass water bottles, instead of plastic ones. They designed an educational, hands-on presentation. Students viewed the documentary Tapped, researched water issues in resource centre and on-line and spoke with the BSS Environmental Minister to see how they could improve upon past workshops. Also, one student took the initiative and booked in a field trip to Kingston Area Recycling Corporation to get a first-hand view on the plastic recycling issue. For the field trip, 3 other classes attended as well. Students then collected 167 plastic water bottles from KARC to have as a visual in the classroom to show the grade nines that in a year, on average North Americans use 167 water bottles.



11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
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