Max Aitken Academy Community Garden


Middle school students at Max Aitken Academy have been working on climate action projects in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint. The grade 7 class had a vision to work on the existing school garden by improving the aesthetic appeal, making an accessible walkway to connect the garden to the paved sidewalk, making it a usable space for classes, involving the community, as well as adding more flowers and vegetables. By growing food at school, students will learn about living sustainably and promoting environmental responsibility.


Students worked hard to plan the new garden area. They interviewed an expert, did online research about planting and vegetation, and developed a garden design that was approved by administration. During the construction phase they worked extremely hard digging the path with shovels, clearing away the sod. They laid landscape fabric and worked together to shovel crushed gravel stone onto the path. Students walked to the local garden center to choose flowers for the newly constructed garden boxes. We have also started several vegetable plants that we will transfer to the outdoor garden beds as soon as weather allows. The students are very proud to see the garden come together, and the hands-on learning that took place is invaluable.

During the summer months, there is a weekly schedule for students, families, and community members to look after and help maintain the garden. The produce grown during the summer months will be harvested by the volunteers and we are also hoping to donate some to the local food bank.

Reflection & Celebration

After a lot of hard work, the community garden at our school has begun to take shape. We have some finishing touches to add and plan to continue with the garden project when we return from summer break. Students are excited to see their hard work come to fruition and enjoy the vegetables as they grow.


Check out this video of our garden project!

2. Zero Hunger
3. Good Health and Well-Being
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
13. Climate Action
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