MSMS Bee Apiary and Pollinators Garden


We have been learning about plants and gardens. We have begun the process of learning about the importance of pollinators in having gardens and healthy foods. We have also begun to learn about the importance of bees and how they are been impacted by various toxins. To support the growth of our garden we felt it was important to have both a pollinator garden and a beehive.


We purchased a bee-keeping starter kit. We have started putting together the beehive (a very challenging task indeed). We have also planted and built a number of garden beds on our school property.

Reflection & Celebration

We have had a lot of fun learning about and working with the gardens and the bee-keeping supplies. This is just the start of our journey… we have much to learn and more activities to participate in!

3. Good Health and Well-Being
15. Life on Land
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
2. Zero Hunger
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