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Nashwaaksis Middle School First Nation students are working on creating a Garden and Eco outdoor Classroom for all students to enjoy and learn about traditional medicines of the First Nations People and other gardening practices.


Students, teachers and community members will collaborate and work together to create a outdoor classroom where students will collaborate and participate in an outdoor classroom full of valuable learning opportunities of life skills such as water systems (hydroponics), worm composting, composting, renewable sources, fertilization, germination, the life cycle and the use of traditional First Nation medicines . The creation of a First Nation Traditional medicines garden which will be created and maintained by the students it will provide a student leadership opportunity, it will also be used as part of their First Nation Culture and Language class to support Maliseet Language and Cultural learning opportunities.

Reflection & Celebration

This project is in progress however, we have main great gains with the startup of the process. With winter weather being as extreme as it is here in Atlantic Canada we have a longer wait for the right conditions to start garden work outside. We began this project with germinating our seeds inside the classroom using Grow Tower and germination pods to begin our plants and get a head start on the growing season.
Our seedlings began sprouting in February and we have got a close watch on them watching them grow from seed to vegetable, flower or fruit.
Once the final snow has left we will begin to build our garden bed 8footx4 foot to house our plants and continue to nurture and grow them in the outdoor classroom.
Students have experienced a hands-on approach to sustainable living getting to see first hand where and how our food system grows and what is needed for it to be successful. Students will then take what we have learned and grow and be able to learn through our First Nation Elders how these are used as traditional medicines in their culture.
This has been a great experience for all and it will continue to grow so that then entire school and experience this process and it grows in the outdoor classroom.


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