Native Plant Garden


Our vision for Canada is… to create a deep connection with nature by playing and learning outdoors. Prairie Sky School students are learning about sustainable ecosystems and the importance of preserving and protecting our native species and landscape. In doing so we are learning about the history and culture of our native ecosystem. Our most important work currently is a collaborative project that our Taproots Class (Grade 6-8) and Starflowers Class (JK/K) are working on together with many community members and agencies. The project is about preservation and respect for Native plant species.


Prairie Sky School’s Taproots Class (Grade 6-8) and Starflowers Class (JK/K) have been working on creating a Saskatchewan Native Plant Garden. We have been researching and learning about plants that are native to Saskatchewan Prairies. The older students are researching Saskatchewan native plant species. We have invited guest speakers into the classroom, have visited a local First Nations Medicine Garden and are consulting with First Nations Elders as to the medicinal and healing properties of each plant. We have collected seeds for these plants and plan to grow them once our research is complete. We intend to create a field guide in order to share with local community members and schools. These plants will attract pollinators, birds, and new insects to our garden and community!

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
15. Life on Land
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