Native Species Mighty ‘Microforest’


Our vision at Oodenawi Public School is to create an area of school grounds that benefits wildlife. This plan happens in two parts: getting students and staff outdoors, and re-creating habitats for natural wildlife to thrive in. Nature can truly be the best medicine, we want humans to develop empathy and understanding of the land to build a better future.


Over the last year our school grounds have receiving some “greening.” In 2023 the Eco Team planted a pollinator garden, and in 2024 our school planted 15 new red maple trees close to our outdoor classroom. Our Eco Team researched native to Oakville shrub species that could thrive in our soil. We planted a total of 11 native to Oakville shrubs embedded throughout our trees and hope to continue adding to this in the future. The Red Osier Dogwood and Nannyberry Viburnum were selected to plant on school grounds as they have an extensive root system when mature, and attract pollinators and birds.

We will continue to build a relationship with the land by encouraging more use of our outdoor spaces. We hope to have students involved in caring for our new ‘microforest’ and engaging in outdoor learning opportunities using our” microforest.” By nurturing these native species, we are fostering a deeper connection with our local environment. We are committed to using our outdoor spaces, encouraging students to actively engage with nature. Through hands-on involvement in the care of our burgeoning “microforest,” we aim to cultivate a sense of stewardship among our student body, while also providing enriching outdoor learning experiences.

Reflection & Celebration

We are proud of our students as the shared their ideas, helped research native specie shrubs and were involved in the planting process. We look forward to the stewardship our students build with the land and to engage with our growing “microforest.”


Check out this video of our project here!

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