Natives for Nature


Our 26 youth ages 7-12 have pledged to Bring Back the Bugs and for the past 4 years they have added 60 gardens to their Niagara Butterflyway! Their mission is to fix the habitat loss through the Niagara section of the Carolinian Zone with many different conservation and citizen science programs.


The Green Herons have been planting native gardens for schools, seniors and residents across Niagara. With seed collecting and free seed stands, advocating at city council for changes to landscaping practices, and adding habitat boxes, they are making great progress. They make videos to educate the public on the need for native gardens and how-to garden videos each season for Carolinian Canadas Garden Almanac. This year, and moving forward they have pledged to hand out hundreds of native plants through their own neighborhoods to try and make connected pollinator pathways. They have acquired funding for half of their greenhouse and continue to fundraise so that they reach their goal. Once we had corrected our own backyards, these kids have increased their ‘circle of influence’ across the region with determination and drive to restore our habitat back to what it was for the next generation.

Reflection & Celebration

We are so grateful for the community support and our youth are feeling empowered with their voices being heard to creating the change they want for their futures. We are very proud of their impact, their work, and their bravery as they push themselves out of their comfort zones at public speaking events, live radio interviews, and at city council meetings. Go get em’ Green Herons!!


Check out the Green Herons Website and projects, and Facebook!

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