Natural Landscapes


Our vision for Canada is… to have a healthy and sustainable future for our community and country. Currently our school is undergoing a construction project to “re-wrap” the building. This will be providing us with new windows and walls to make our massive building more environmentally friendly. As part of this construction project, they will be tearing up the front of our school, which includes old landscaping plans from the 1980’s. Our project is to insure that the reconstruction of the front of the school is done in a matter that addresses issues of sustainability and the environment. As such, we are petitioning the school and division to include native plants and flowers in the new landscaping. Doing this will demonstrate that we care about our natural environment and that our students and staff care about issues surrounding sustainability. Up to this point, we believe our school is lacking in terms prioritizing sustainability issues, so we hope in doing this that we will help make it more of a priority.


We have already been in contact with our school and division about the inclusion of native plants and flowers in the landscaping project. Though this has been difficult, we are hoping our voices are being heard and that the grant money can be seed money (literally and figuratively) to emphasize the need to include sustainable, local plants and flowers. We are in contact with a former graduate of our school who runs her own native plant and flower landscaping business to help us with the endeavour. Given the location of this project (the very front of the school) we believe that it will serve as a constant reminder to students, staff, and community members of the importance of considering sustainable practices in everything we do.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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