Naturalized Learning


Our vision for Canada is to create more naturalized areas where students can learn about environmental stewardship and become caretakers of the land on which we live. We live in a highly residential area and so open exploration of naturalized areas is a little more challenging for our community. To explore how different animals and plants interact with each other we need to take the students off property. This way they can learn about endangered species such as honey bees on property and learn that there are ways in which we can help them.


We have created an area where we are planning to stop mowing the grass. To add to this we have planted several pollinator plants from seeds (black eyed susans) and butterfly plants (milkweed) to observe how they grow. We also purchased several plants that are butterfly friendly and bee friendly. A sign will be posted there explaining our project, teaching people about the plants we have chosen and why we chose them, as well as the impact we’d like to see. We’d like to invite the community to come out and explore the garden, explore the butterflies, the honeybees and help maintain the garden.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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