Nature Lover’s Garden


To teach the students about their local community, wildlife and native plant life. To encourage the children to spend time outdoors learning about the food chains that are essential to life.


The children were part of a Community Garden project beside the Thames River in London. They were involved in preparing the garden, planting native pollinator friendly plants and tending to the garden. We did a lot of bird and local animal watching during our excursions. The children learned about the local habitats of our local wildlife and plant life. We attended workshops at local Conservation and Environmental Education areas. The children learned to use our new binoculars to observe the variety of wildlife around us. They have become attuned to their environment and have been involved in some local discussions about the Springbank Dam which has been an environmental issue in the London area. They wrote a book about what they felt and met with a city councillor to discuss their concerns and have a voice in the discussion. This was encouraging to them because they didn’t realize that anyone would listen to their ideas.


Our activities and photographs of our project are well documented on the Facebook Blog that I created for families and the school community to look at.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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