“Newman Grows”


Our vision for Canada is to make better use of the resources we have to grow our own plants, vegetables and fruits. Ultimately, we want to provide funds for those in need within our community with the sale of our produce. This is an important issue in our community because the Hamilton Food Bank is always in need of donation both monetary and product.


We refurbished the greenhouse which had not been in use for over 10 years. We have brought it to a state of productivity. As a result of the challenges we experienced with heat and fungus, we are still continuing to improve and harvest good quality plants and produce. These challenges have taught the students about the importance of problem solving. It addresses the environmental dimensions in that everything is grown organically while attempting to reduce our ecological footprint. As our program evolves, student interest will grow. Our youth is getting more involved as the day passes. They are eager to see results and use social media to promote their accomplishments.


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2. Zero Hunger
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