Niverville HS Composting


A group of 10 students in grades 9-12 got together and made a plan to implement a full time composting program at our school. It will be student run and managed, and our hope is that it will be sustainable at our school for years to come. The goal is to reduce the waste produced at our schools and reap the benefits of composting rather than adding to the problems of greenhouse gas emissions caused by our landfills.


After students met and brainstormed and made a plan, they pitched it to administration at our school and got their plan approved. We have now bought all necessary materials to start composting at our school and tested our layout and our compost-pick up system. By all accounts it seems we are good to go for next year to have our first full year with composting available to all students at our school

Reflection & Celebration

The students in our Climate Club have done an amazing job with this project. They took responsibility for every step of the way and have made a big commitment to continue this work next year for the betterment of our school community. They were thoughtful, they involved other stakeholders such as the custodial staff, administration and divisional support staff. They have lots to be proud of and are well set up to carry this project into the future.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
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