No Idling Project


The Environmental Action Team (EAT) meets weekly with overarching goal to reduce the environmental footprint of Revelstoke Secondary School through student-led projects. Furthermore, we discuss environmental issues, spread awareness, and plan projects that work towards a more sustainable future. EAT is a youth-driven initiative that has resulted in youth-driven projects. For this project, our goal was to reduce idling emissions at all schools in Revelstoke by installing No-Idling signs.


Our “No-Idling” project was brought to our attention by an organization called Wildsight. Wildsight “works locally, regionally and globally to protect biodiversity and encourage sustainable communities in Canada’s Columbia and Rocky Mountain regions” (2021). In Revelstoke, Wildsight had been working with the City of Revelstoke to install “No-Idling” signs in the downtown core. Wildsight has previously collaborated with EAT and inquired about idling at the schools. Students from the EAT immediately spoke to the plethora of vehicles that idled at pick up and drop off times and were quick to join the “No-Idling” campaign.

To have a larger impact, the students thought it would be helpful to have signs that were designed by students themselves. To do this, we hosted a 3 week “Design A Sign” Competition. High school and elementary aged students could submit digital or hand-drawn signs. During our Earth Day Fair, we set up a booth with the submissions and students had the opportunity to vote on their favorite sign. We had a total of 10 submissions and 300 kids vote. The top 6 signs were sent to our school district for approval and final 3 were printed into signs that are displayed at all four Revelstoke schools.

Reflection & Celebration

We are thrilled at the outcome of out project! Having students’ signs posted on the school grounds in Revelstoke is exciting and impactful. This project will continue to have an impact on all future students, teachers, parents, and community members that visit our schools in Revelstoke.

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