Birds of a Feather


To learn about the importance of birds in our environment, and to promote their safety by building bird habitats.


After learning about birds in class, we did several outdoor excursions in our school yard to see when birds would come home from the winter. We made observations and tried to identify birds by describing their size, colour on feathers, flight pattern, songs or call and feeding characteristics. We wrote journals about “What Makes a Bird, a Bird?”. We also were each assigned a bird to research and to present to our classmates.

For a field trip we went to the Ganaraska Hiking Trail to observe birds that had come to nest in and around the nearby wetlands.

Our final project was making bird feeders and bird houses for ourselves, as well as our community. Using the money from our EcoLeague grant, we purchased kits and tools to help us with our project. Each student in the class got to decide whether he/she wanted to build a bird feeder or a bird house. We were also asked to build 4 special bird houses to install at a conservation area known as Scout Valley.


Watch their video here!

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