Nourishing Minds


Our vision for the project was to learn to grow fruits and vegetables hydroponically to see if this could be a way to combat food insecurity so many families are facing. Growing hydroponically would allow us to grow produce indoors all year round even when we have three feet of snow on the ground.


We purchased two hydroponic sets that came with everything we needed to get started. We planted peas, beans, peppers, kale, lettuce, basil, tomatoes, and cucumbers. we had a 100% germination success rate and have already harvested some of the produce.

The students have been tending the garden and have found it very easy to look after and have said it has been much easier then they thought it would be. They liked that fact that they could grow produce even though it was much too cold to plant outside when we started. Students have been able to study the root system of the plants which they would not be able to do if we planted in soil.

We went outside and measured the area that a “traditional” soil garden would take to grow the same amount of produce. The students were amazed at how much space in the playground they would lose if we converted it to an outdoor garden. We also talked about the lose of habitat for the local wildlife.

Reflection & Celebration

Students have learned valuable skills in starting and running a hydroponic garden. They also have a better understanding of where their food comes from and the carbon foot print that is involved in food production and distribution.

2. Zero Hunger
3. Good Health and Well-Being
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
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