Now Mow Zone


Our vision for Canada is to have bio-diverse areas close to where we live and play. We want to encourage animals and plants to share our space. We want to use our school yard as a place of learning and observation, as a rich outdoor classroom.


Our Eco Team spent several recesses observing patterns of use in the school yard and chose an area that is wheelchair accessible, outside of main paths of use. The Gardening Committee created a list of pollinator and bird-friendly native plants that would help re-naturalize the area. LSRCA was consulted about types of plants that could do well in our type of terrain. Wood planks sized 2x6x16 were purchased and installed by adult volunteers to delineate the area. Caretaking ordered mulch for use around existing trees and the plants. Several classrooms came out to help plant and mulch the area, together with eco-team leaders. Signs were created and posted. We hope the area will flourish and classes will be able to encircle it with sit-spots and observe changes, or just enjoy it.

Reflection & Celebration

Plants required water in the dry summer. Students visited and watered regularly. Our project was vandalized. This has brought us growth, because of the level of discussion it has required. We are working on restoring our area and considering further ways of reaching out to the greater community.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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