On Earth as, is in Heaven!


Our vision for Canada is… a long and healthy life for all God’s creation. Through the Eco Club and school community, St. Mark’s aims to get as many of us as possible to think “Eco-Friendly & Healthy before, Convenient”. If students have access to healthy foods they will improve their overall wellbeing. So, why don’t we give it to them? Make it “Convenient” if we have too. Kids get hungry, they run up to a tree and grab a piece of fruit rather than a pudding cup. Bees, Bats, Butterflies and Birds can really use all the help they can get. As disciples of God we have to do everything we can to support all of God’s creation and be mindful of our impact. It is important in every community to be there for one another in action or spirit.


Saint Mark Eco club has set out to support all, no matter what. Birdhouses were built, seeds were grown, posters made, announcements read aloud, assemblies held, Trashless Tuesdays encouraged, Waste Wiz Quizzes answered, schools landfill waste cut in half, 360kg of textiles recycled, events were Eco-conscientious, Walk to School promoted and action against harmful packaging taken by motivated, concerned youth to make a change. Now, it’s time to put up a insect hotel, Bat house for 300, more bird houses and plant tons of edibles. Everyone can always use more time and money so, by making fresh grown produce available, it helps with more than we realize. Even with, the Eco Club teacher off because of illness, these youth stopped at nothing when it came to making a difference. The students truly thrived in all accepts by taking on the leadership role as a team.


We’re a certified Ontario EcoSchool!

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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