Only Rain Down the Drain


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Grade 8 students at Jack Chambers PS participated in The Water Docs @ School Action Project Program and made a documentary about the stormwater management pond that is in the school’s backyard. They surveyed the school and found that few people understood the function of the pond and its relationship to the urban water cycle and the ecosystems. They decided to teach the school community about the pond and leave a lasting reminder to the neighbourhood


Students used the slogan “Only Rain Down the Drain” to educate the public. Grade 8 students taught the importance of the pond to every class in the school. Every student and staff member decorated a wooden amphibian or reptile. Over 800 amphibians and reptiles were hung on the front school fence as public art. The art along with a sign will remind the community about the pond’s relationship to the environment. The slogan was also stenciled on storm drains on the neighbourhood roads and information cards were placed on door knobs. The students collaborated with the City of London to design new signs for storm water ponds across the City. The school also decided to help support the pond and the park by participating in the Adopt-a-Park program. The documentary won Best Project at the Water Docs@School Action Projects and will be used by the School and the City to promote the wellness of the pond. The students are very proud of their work and know the public art will stand as a reminder about the importance of our water systems for years to come.


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