Organic Vegetable Gardens


It is hoped that the establishment of the vegetable gardens by the Grade 3 classes at Alta VIsta Public School (in partnership with Growing Up! Organic) will allow our children to develop competency and self-confidence around self-sustainability, encourage community bridging and sharing of resources and creates a means to further engage with the natural world, all while fullfilling core curriculum around soil and ecosystems, food systems and their sustainability and the life cycle of plants. These gardens will also allow students to have a hands-on method of learning about plants and relationships between them as well as a hands-on approach to nutrition and allowing an outdoor extension of our classroom. Having these experiences at the school will allow all children access to these experiences and close the gap between students, ensuring all can have the same experience even if no opportunity at home.


With the help of parents, teachers and Growing Up Organic!, the students will construct four raised garden beds, propogate and nurture seeds and seedlings, learn about planting and soil health while directly engaged in the activitiy of gardening, manintaining the beds and producing two harvest; one anticipated by early summer (June) and another in the fall (September/October). These harvests willl be used to teach students about food preparation at the end of the harvest.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
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