Organics Collection and Outdoor Learning Classroom


What is our vision? Our vision and ultimate goal is to take an active role in making our world cleaner, happier, healthier and more sustainable each and every day. Ultimately we want to be true Stewards of the Earth, and that means being committed ECO leaders in our school, home and community. It means not only running a recycling and organics collection program but also educating all of our friends whenever we can, and it means beautifying our little space on earth that we know at St. Nicholas Catholic. We want to do our part in reducing the amount of garbage that goes into landfill sites and to reduce the amount of methane gases released into our air. We want to take pride in beautifying our school grounds by hosting family orientated yard clean-ups and by planting flowering shrubs and perennials in our courtyard which will also become our outdoor classroom. Our vision is a lofty one but we know that with perseverance, daily reminders and with the support of all, we can put a smile on our planet Earth.


We have been able to start two actions: beautifying our school and a recycling program.
With the first one, we decided to hold a yard clean up in the Fall with students and their parents coming together one Saturday. In the Spring and for Earth Day, we tackled the courtyard by cleaning up our flower beds, hanging up pinecone bird feeders and planting our first of seven pollinating shrubs/perennials. We also held an outdoor liturgy in our courtyard in honour of Earth Day complete with Mayor Sendzick and his team from City Hall.
For our second action, we were able to purchase a few more grey and blue bins along with organic kitchen catchers and the green organic bins on wheels. We have been promoting recycling, our student council has done an amazing job in collecting the organics daily and the Waste Management division of the Niagara Region held a virtual in-service for all of us.

Reflection & Celebration

We have great reason to celebrate. We have been very successful with the recycling program to date with everyone taking an active participation role and we cannot wait for the weather to get a little warmer to be able to get into our courtyard to do some serious planting. Students and staff are offering suggestions for our courtyard classroom and everyone is looking forward to the bees and butterflies the plants are going to attract.
What is especially great about these two actions, is that they were student driven. Students had the vision and with staff support they have been able to see their vision come to fruition.
Way to go St. Nicholas Catholic!

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