Our Bird Project


To increase the bird population on Mitchell Hepburn property so we can learn from local backyard birds through personal observations. Our school area is new in the last 10 years and growing. Our community has taken up a lot of farmland and disrupted the local bird population with the increased construction. We hoped to create a habitat for birds that have been displaced.


Last year our Eco Club participated in The Great Backyard Bird Count. We did not find many birds on Mitchell Hepburn property during the count. In reviewing this Mrs. Caughell’s grade 2/3 class researched what we could do to encourage the bird population to come back to Mitchell Hepburn. Several students brought in bird feeders and seed. Two students made homemade bird feeders. With support from LSF we purchased materials for 5 bird boxes, a bird bath, bird seed and fruit bearing shrubs. We made weekly observations to see if our bird feeders were attracting local birds. After 5 months we were successful and a great variety of birds began to visit the bird feeders. We planted the shrubs in our flower beds and started sunflower seedlings indoors to be transplanted later. A community volunteer built our bird boxes and helped us to put them up. Within a week 4 of the bird boxes had nesting birds. We celebrated with an Open House where we shared our research and knowledge and gave tours to interested classrooms, parents and grandparents. We hope to continue this project next year by adding evergreen hedges on the school yard fence line for protection for the birds. As well we hope to make our project sustainable with the sunflowers we have planted.

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