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Our club has made large impacts over the past years in serving our community, and a large way we do that is through the leadership of youth for positive community change. We have committed time and effort to these main focuses – eliminating poverty, healthcare, our environment, and advocating for youth. The Delview Leos have carried out this vision by leading and creating opportunities for new experiences, such as reducing waste in our community through organizing city-wide cleanups, planting trees and eco-friendly gardens, raising funds for disaster relief internationally, creating care boxes for those in need, working with local food banks to distribute and collect food, advocating and donating towards youth mental health, and more.

With our vision, we have been able to jump leaps and bounds in creating change in our community- and our vision of giving youth leadership, experience, and opportunity through service, and our vision for the future is to not only continue, but to inspire others through building up a community of individual leaders ready to serve their neighbourhoods to make a better future for our nation.


Action is a word that our club has been consistently striving towards, with every day consisting of upcoming action that will make an impact in the community. We are very excited for our future action plans, which hold huge potential. As we begin planning our youth program idea, Cubs, that will teach and lead youth in elementary schools across our district and give them opportunities to begin serving their community and getting involved from a young age, our actions need to be taken a step further by spreading the word into the community, so that we can host workshops for kids and hopefully establish a brand new youth branch where we could lead the future of our world while we build our own leadership skills in the process.

Many elementary schools lack any programs that have interaction with high school students, and this would be an incredible opportunity to reach out to young students and foster growth in community development, teaching kids about environmental protection, world issues such as poverty and inequality, all through fun service events suited for elementary school children!

Although as a club we have many other focuses that we will be taking action on in the near future, Cubs will certainly be the most unique and large-scale program we have ever done, not to mention large events such as our annual community clean-up competitions which we will also be ramping up this year, expecting hundreds of students and community members to join in on the fun!

Reflection & Celebration

Being that this club was only formed two years ago and is entirely run by students, it has done many things that no one could have expected when it was first established. Our community has not only grown in size, but also in heart, with many members always looking forward to the next volunteer event they can participate in. The leadership growth from the youth in this club has proved that all it takes to build a community is a group of young, committed individuals that have a vision for the future- one of a world without poverty, disease, or war, but one with a clean, pollution-free world, filled with youth ready to make an impact on the world, through leadership, experience, opportunity and service- which is what makes up LEOS. We have been so grateful for all the opportunities to meet with dignitaries, volunteer with organizations, and for all the amazing events we have shared with Lions International. All of this has created a beautiful and thriving environment where all youth can realize the incredible effects of being involved in the community.


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1. No Poverty
2. Zero Hunger
3. Good Health and Well-Being
4. Quality Education
6. Clean Water and Sanitation
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
13. Climate Action
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