Our Urban Garden


Children, particularly in urban settings, are unaware and removed from the planting, waiting, and harvesting cycle of food, and instead believe that food comes from the grocery. Our vision is for our students to have a better understanding and appreciation where our food comes from and to become more connected with their environment, even in an urban setting like Vancouver. In getting our students exposed to gardening, we are teaching them not only how to grow their own food, but also how this is a more sustainable food chain (by the elimination of transportation, eating locally).


Along with The Classroom Gardener Team, students were provided with hands-on lessons which had our students directly involved in the gardening process: planting, weeding, watering, harvesting, etc. Children were also exposed to trying new foods and seeing how their harvest can go from garden to table. In addition, our senior students (Gr. 7) hosted a farmers market in October 2019 with our harvest so that the community could have access to fresh produce. All proceeds from our market were donated to a charitable . organisation. We hope to continue this cycle of plant, harvest and share with our community from year to year.


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