Outdoor Classroom


Students and staff are working towards creating a sustainable space outdoors for environmental education. Students will have a comfortable seating area where they can explore environmental, economic and social issues across the curriculum. Students will be involved in the creation and maintenance of the space.


Students have used our tower garden to grow flowers. Currently they are in the process of repotting the flowers in order to create an outdoor learning space. Students are using outdoor seating, bought through the grant.

Reflection & Celebration

This year has been a bit of a set back due to covid restrictions. Students have been limited to working in their grade co-horts. We hope to have more freedom next year to form a sustainability group across the grades. The seating has been a positive this spring as students are required to spend more time outdoors.

3. Good Health and Well-Being
4. Quality Education
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
13. Climate Action
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