Outdoor Classroom and Garden


Our vision for Canada is for youth to have experience learning about nature, in nature. We wanted to give students a space where they can connect with nature and learn. By creating a pollinator garden we are providing a food source for many insects and pollinators, as well as teaching other students about the importance of preserving biodiversity in urban areas.


This project was in cooperation with other groups at the school and involved the addition of an outdoor classroom (a separate action project). Students planned to build gardens. They had to research the types of plants that would best attract pollinators. The gardens were built and installed around a brand new outdoor classroom. Students from the environmental science class, the environmental club, the woodshop class as well as parent council and several local businesses were involved. This project was started by students who are passionate about the environment. They wanted to make our school a better place for learning, while leaving a space for future students to stay connected with nature and with the environment.

Reflection & Celebration

We worked hard to turn our ideas into a real, usable space. Challenges included snow and rain delays, coordination of project components (garden box building, getting materials, finding days to go outside and work) and time management. Overall we learned that developing an action plan takes time, flexibility and involves lots of learning! Turning an idea, or concept, into a real thing requires everyone on the team to work together. It was a fun and very rewarding project for everyone involved. The school community loves the space and looks forward to using the new space for learning for many years to come. The gardens will be maintained by future club members and students in the environmental science class.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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