Outdoor Classroom


Our vision is to have students take better care of the environment. Our school is located in an area without many parks. The playground and basketball area is used by the entire community. This project has allowed us to provide a warm and welcoming place to sit and read or listen to the birds and children playing.


St Robert’s students embarked in a fun and hardworking mission as they built their own outdoor classroom. They all participated in the process and showed a great level of enthusiasm while doing it. The students planted Ontario indigenous trees around the outdoor classroom, they also watered the trees and filled the area with wood chips, until the classrooms looked both beautiful and functional.
This activity lasted the entire day and students participated in groups, not only did the students participate in the various activities but they also learned about the importance of trees and forestation.
It was a great day and everybody enjoyed it.
Special thanks to Matthew Juszczynski, ReForestation London, Libro Community Grant and all our supporters.



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