Outdoor learning spaces


We wanted to create a comfortable, inviting and welcoming outdoor space for our staff, students, community members, as well as animals on our school yard. We have been working hard over the past few years to make our school grounds more beautiful and environmentally conscious. This space is also a wonderful space to work on wellbeing and being present and grateful for our planet.


We used the funding from this grant to buy supplies for our students and staff to create welcoming garden spaces for various native plants, as well as Indigenous gardens. We also bought a bird bath and many animal habitat homes (bees, butterflies, birds, ladybugs).
We used the money to buy seeds, soil, planting cups, gloves for the students, and watering cans.
Students planted the seeds, watered and cared for them, until it was time to put them outside in our gardens and planter bins. They then took care to water and weed as needed so our plants could thrive.

Reflection & Celebration

Our school community learned about plant and animal life, and how our actions can have a big impact (both positive and negative) on our environment. We love seeing our plants come to life! And having animals use our homes and bath was so exciting!


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15. Life on Land
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