Outdoor Project


Our project this year was to design and create an outdoor space where classrooms could use to gather, learn and reflect. We wanted to utilize our shaded areas and create a space where teachers could bring their students and take their learning beyond the walls of the classroom.


We assessed our school property to see where we had shaded areas. We found a really nice space underneath 3 large trees. Our students designed plans on what they envisioned this space could look like. we picked one final plan that incorporated everything that we needed to make the space work. Students also decided to create totem poles to line the fence surrounding our outdoor space to make it a bit more personal. Each wooded plank has images and environmental messages from each Eco Team member from each grade. The Eco Team worked very hard on the garden surrounding our outdoor space. Many days were dedicated to get the garden ready to plant native plants to attract butterflies, bees, birds. etc. We added 3 more Bird Nest Boxes on our school property this year and we have noticed more species of birds in our outdoor space!

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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