Petit jardin des légumes et des fleurs vivaces pollinators


At École élémentaire publique Julie Payette, an active, engaged school (parent) council has established a “Projet Vert” Subcommittee to link education and environmental stewardship. This year, the Projet Vert subcomittee has started working on developing and building an outdoor learning space. It is a timely endeavour, as the school has recently been renovated to add an additional building to accommodate a growing community. The new landscape of the school has left ÉÉJP with an ideal terrain for outdoor learning. This effort is made with the support and collaboration of school council, the school administration and the entire school community (both students and teachers) as well as generous supporters like LSF. Our school that covers junior kindergarten to Grade 8 students (approximately 500 students) is one of the first ISO 14000 certified schools in ON. As local environment conservation is one of our schoolʼs goals, students are encouraged to develop a better understanding and appreciation of local their local green environment. At outdoor learning space teachers can take their students to facilitate learning various subjects in a natural environment. Classes can develop their ecology experiments, local gardens planting sessions and dramatic art classes (in amphitheater) or any other class (when the weather permits) in outdoor classroom. In this way, students will develop a greater appreciation for the local environment and issues like climate change, habitat loss, bees disappearing in the area, etc. Teachers will augment their learning regarding outdoor education and links to the Ontario curriculum. Since the primary beneficiaries of this funding will be ÉÉPJ students, students will have the opportunity to get involved in design and building process ot the outdoor classroom, plants garden and composting area. A vegetable and flourishing pollinator plants garden is part of our vision of outdoor learning space that did became true with the help of LSF’s EcoLeague program.


Children in junior/senior kindergarten started to plant seeds of various vegetables in recycled milk boxes and then transferred them in garden boxes in school yard, they will observe and take care of the small garden till end of school year. During summer the daycare “étoiles filantes” which is situated in our school’s building and is works under supervision of CEPEO, will take care of the garden and hopefully they will use garden’s products in their kitchen to prepare meals for kids in the daycare.
Grade 3 students started a research on local flourishing pollinator plants. Along with kindergarten students, they planted seeds in milk boxes and grown local pollinator plants in flower boxes around school’s parking lot, they will observe and take care of these plants until end of school year and pay attention how these plants pollinate and attract bees in the area. Hopefully, volunteer parents and “étoiles filantes” students (preschool & kindergarten to grade 8) and staff will take care of them through summer.

12. Responsible Consumption and Production
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