Place to Play


Our vision for Canada is… one where students from diverse backgrounds can come together to persuade their government to provide a safe, inclusive and economically accessible ‘place to play’ in their area. This project addresses the struggle of urban students who mostly live in buildings, which do not have a local area in which they can safely access affordable programs. This program is important because our area is one of the fasting growing areas of our city but it lacks programs and safe areas for children to access (economically and locally).


During a trip to our local Civic Centre, we were inspired by an idea our ward councilor had to build a local community center. The students decided to create a persuasive video, with the goal of convincing local council to build the community center. We mostly all live in buildings and can’t afford to access other local programs. The area we live in is also very urban and has many safety concerns for youth like gangs. This project affects our school and other students in the area because we are advocating on their behalf to provide ‘A safe play to play’. Youth is highlighted in this project as it was a student lead project where the main idea, questions ask, animation, scripts and locations where student produced. They also assisted with filming and editing.


Watch the students’ video here!

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