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Our vision for the future is to have a world with reduced consumption and production and reduced shipping costs. For instance, did you know that most foods at the grocery store are from the whole other side of the world!? Our vision for the future is to have a future where we do not need to use industries, or use unnecessary shipping which waste fuel and gas. We also hope that in the future, we may collaborate with others. So far it’s 17 goals, 50 people and 1 destination but we still haven’t solved it and so we can see how big of a problem we’re causing on Earth. Our vision for the future is to have everyone able to plant their OWN food in THEIR backyard so they don’t need to waste so much fuel. Our vision for the future is to also allow everyone the chance to learn and plant their own food (plants, sprouts, carrots, potatoes).


The actions we have participated in are helping the community be a better place by replacing at most 50 meals of meat and replacing them with sprouts which they grew by themselves. We have also helped they’re mental and physical body as the sprouts they ate were very healthy and rich. We have also increased their mental health as we expanded their knowledge of plants and sprouts, to ensure that they can now plant with 0 problems. We have also been able to present to two classes and have them both successfully plant their sprouts and had a few problems, but not a lot. We have also planted potatoes which will sprout and be able to feed to others.

Reflection & Celebration

We decided to work together to achieve that goal and so we five people decided to work together and at the start we had very different ideas but we finally worked together. Once we got the $500 we started our buying phase. We chose some very healthy foods which took less than a week to grow. We hit one major roadblock, which was our money, which took a long time to come, this was a major problem but we learned to cope with it we researched harder and changed some of our options of sprouts. Some time later we finally got our money. We also had trouble finding containers and lids that were not glass that fit each other.
We bought the food we were planning on buying.Then we had a lot of activities planned with the food. Such as Teaching Students how to plant, expanding our school garden, reducing costs and taking action!


Check out these resources: West Coast Seeds Website and Mumm’s Sprouting Seeds !

Check out some extra photos here!

2. Zero Hunger
3. Good Health and Well-Being
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
13. Climate Action
15. Life on Land
17. Partnerships for the Goals
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