Planter Bed Project


When we were deciding on a project, we wanted to tackle something outdoors. As we were brainstorming, we noticed that our front planter beds were under-utilized and in disrepair. We decided that we would utilize our resources to upgrade our planter beds, and introduce some new plants that would be beneficial to pollinators and air cleanliness.


When it came to the planning process, there were some decision to be made. First, students picked out the type of shrubs they would like to be used. When selecting, they looked to plants that grew large and produced flowers, to best benefit pollinators and air quality alike. Then, students began the planning process, taking into consideration the size and the spread of each shrub, as well as an aesthetic way to plant them in the beds. Then came the hard work, removing all of the old dead plants and rock out of the bed. This took students a few days to tackle, but with the help of each other and some community members, we were able to get the hard job done! The existing plants had very deep roots, which required a tractor to remove, and there was also quite a bit of limestone crushed rock in the beds that also needed removing. After removal, we were able to contact a local farmer to bring in some top soil in a bucket, and the students worked at spreading out the soil in each of the beds. Then it was finally time to plant! We mapped out our holes for each plant and laid down some new landscaping fabric accordingly. The students then took the time to plant each shrub into their new home. With one final piece of the puzzle, we needed to decided what we were going to use to replace the old limestone rock. We decided to opt for a local company that produces recycled wood chips that create a nice layer of mulch to lay on top of the beds. After the students spread all of the chips out, the project was complete!

Reflection & Celebration

Overall this was a really great project for students to be involved in. They were involved from the starting point all the way until the finish. They worked hard and continued to provide assistance whenever needed. These students should be proud of the work they put in, and hopefully they will get to reap the benefits of having a beautiful new green space for years to come.

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