Planter Project


To make an area that is both environmentally friendly and beautifies our school. We want to do this in order to contrast the effects of the coronavirus on our students and teachers. Our students and teachers were confined to their homes for many months, and we would like to reverse these effects. Our goal is to create a friendly space for our students and teachers to relax and just soak in the beauty of our environment.


We started off by applying for a grant from Learning for a Sustainable Future. Our President, Lilja Radstaak, submitted an essay and acquired $500 for our Action Project. Using recycled wood, we built and stained four planters with the help of our construction teacher, Todd Cavanaugh. Our members from grade 7 to grade 10 graciously donated their time to help us build and stain. We then ordered three yards of dirt from Quality Landscaping. Parent and student volunteers helped us to put compost and dirt into these planters once they were moved outside. Once our planters were full, our kind vice-president, Liliana Simpatico, used our grant to buy flowers that students and teachers planted after school. We now have a beautiful garden that we hope will create a relaxing and environmentally friendly area for our students. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, these students and teachers were contained in their houses, and we hope that our planters will bring the beauty of nature back into our community.

Reflection & Celebration

Our planters turned out the best that we could have hoped for. The parent, student, and teacher volunteers helped us so much and we are so thankful for their countless hours of hard work. Our dedicated Vice President, Liliana Simpatico, generously went out and bought us flowers on her own time. Also, our president, Lilja Radstaak, has supported our club throughout this whole project, driving this project through to the very end. Thank you Mr. Cavanaugh for showing us how to build and stain these planters. All in all, thank you to all of the people who supported this project. We truly would not have been able to do this without you.


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