Planting Promises Project


With the funds from the LSF’s Action Project Grant, Richmond Jewish Day School worked collaboratively with our students and Richmond community members in our “Planting Promises Project.”

The mission of the “Planting Promises Project” was to teach students about the importance of the conservation of trees in our natural environment. They learned about native tree species and their positive impacts on our environment. Components that were addressed included plant/tree growth and life cycles as well as the benefits of plants on our planet. Specifically, students learned how plants/trees shield the earth from wind and rain, act to prevent soil erosion, provide food and habitat for wildlife, clean our air through the process of photosynthesis and add to the natural beauty of our earth.


Our Planting Promises Project began in late April with classroom instruction. Students learned about the life cycle of trees and the environmental benefits of planting trees, including how this can improve climate change, as part of their science curriculum. Students subsequently planted plants/trees on our school property in May.


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