Pointe Perfection


I have a vision of not only entertaining young children at a summer dance camp, but also creating a low-cost child care system that will minimize the limitations that some children experience. My goal is to create an affordable program for underprivileged children that will enforce equality. I want to help educate young children in my area about the dance world while creating a fun, positive environment. I will focus on three styles that I believe will make a well-rounded person. Ballet helps with technique and enforces a strong work ethic. Jazz develops character as it is most used in Broadway. Jazz will promote character development for the children by role play, prop play, etc. The last style I will focus on is contemporary which strengthens the relationship between the body, mind, and external environment.

As a second vision, I am donating $20 from each registration to a 3 year-old girl who has Muscular Dystrophy. She blew me away with her ability to name every main muscle in her body. She then told me she wanted to be a Doctor who studies muscles when she is older. My heart melted for her as I believe it is an unfair disease for such a bright, energetic, loveable girl. I thought about the joy dance has brought me and wanted to help her experience this as well. I attended a Zumba-inspired fundraiser for her and seeing her using a walker, still grooving to the beat, inspired me greatly. I started a campaign in her honour by donating the $20 from each person registered in Pointe Perfection. Not only am I proud of this, but it pushed me to encourage people to register and contribute to a special cause.


I am starting a dance camp in the summer called Pointe Perfection for children ages 5-12. It’s from 9-5 starting with Yoga and ending with Zumba. The camp includes blocks like: Ballet, Jazz, and Contemporary. It’s $130 per week ($20 donation included). If the child requires to be dropped off before 9 or picked up after 5, there is a $5 per day charge. If the child attends Saint John Early Childhood Centre, Woodward Ave. after school program, or Kids Choice Childcare, the cost of the camp replaces daycare fees.
Right now, I am working on advertising. I plan to put up posters around the Saint John area as well as create a newspaper ad. I have a Facebook and Twitter account, and I travel to daycares with information. I would also like to attend elementary schools around the area.


Pointe Perfection

3. Good Health and Well-Being
10. Reduced Inequalities
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