Pollinator Courtyard


To create an inclusive outdoor space for people and pollinators.

Our classes will work together to research different plants that support pollinators, birds and bees. Our two classes will work together to take care of this environment so that it can be enjoyed by all classes in the school. By planting plants that support pollinators, we are providing valuable resources within an urban environment. Our students are very interested in the environment, which they use during outdoor learning each day, and their inquiry into how plants and animals interact with each other has sparked an interest in learning more about ways they can help the environment and make a difference.

The project also supported making an inclusive and inviting space for outdoor learning and social gathering for students and our school community.


Our classes worked together to establish proper soil in our garden beds and planted a variety of pollinator plants and seeds to create a pollinator garden that will support birds, bees and butterflies. As part of the project, our classes researched different types of pollinator plants and chose plants based on type, colour, height and pollinators it attracts. With the purchase of soil, the current beds and additional beds (purchased privately) were updated to a better height and increased in proper soil nutrients. The students helped carry the soil to the courtyard and added the soil to the garden beds. Students also had the opportunity to select the locations for the plants and, as a group, planted the plantings and the seeds. Since planting, the students have made sure to water and cover the plants when frost is forecasted, which demonstrates responsibility on behalf of the students.

Reflection & Celebration

Students are able to enjoy an inclusive and welcoming courtyard and are looking forward to watching the plants grow and observe pollinators at work. The students are excited about the work they have done and have an abundance of plans to develop the courtyard further by adding other features, such as benches, a bird bath, bird feeders, etc.

A wonderful space to inspire outdoor learning for all grades!

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4. Quality Education
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
13. Climate Action
15. Life on Land
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