Pollinator Garden


Our students in the Eco Heros school club were eager to see bees, butterflies and hummingbirds in our courtyard/outdoor classroom called the Enchanted Forest. Plus, they are always eager for planting! So we decided to plan a pollinator garden.


After applying for and receiving a grant to fund our project from Learning for a Sustainable Future, we were able to hire local experts on native pollinator gardens, Jardin Buzz, to help us plan our garden. We learned about how to plant in threes and to consider blooming times in spring and fall rather than summer to ensure the best pollination happens while our students can see it. Then, it was planting time. We learned how to plant and space the plants out and then we labeled them so that other students, beyond Eco Heros, can see and learn about them as well.

Reflection & Celebration

We look forward to celebrating when pollination starts happening next year. Our plants are too young for anything much to happen yet. As far as reflection, we were really fortunate to have a native pollinator specialist to help us with our plant selection and education so our plants will have the best chance to grow and thrive.


Follow this link to learn more about Jardin Buzz, the local native pollinator specialist!

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