Pollinator Garden Initiative


We noticed that the bee population that we always used to see around the school has started to decrease! We think that this is because many properties have been bulldozed to make way for condos. We wanted to increase the bee population and support them as best as we could. We began by researching plants that are good for pollinators and that were perennial so that they would come back year after year!


We got a donation of some flower bulbs from our teacher. However, we needed more plants, too! We went to Garden Works to look at different plants to buy to put on our balcony. The flowers we got are essential for the bees’ survival. We then planted the flowers in garden bags from Etsy that are sustainable, then hung these bags on our balcony. These plants will help the bees (specifically mason bees) pollinate by providing a food source for them.

Reflection & Celebration

We are so thrilled to see the bees arriving at our pollinator garden as their food source! We would like to thank our school and our students’ fundraising efforts for coming up with the cost that the LSF grant wouldn’t cover.


Check out more photos here!

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